Caso Wine Deluxe E 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

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Introducing the Caso Winedeluxe 18-Bottle Wine Cooler – the perfect appliance for any wine connoisseur. Designed to easily slip into any 45cm cavity height, our wine cooler is packed with amazing features that make storing your wines an effortless task.

This model offers an impressive storage capacity of up to 18 bottles – allowing you to stock plenty of wine selections at once! Created with standard Bordeaux wine bottles in mind, this unit is able to accommodate up to 31 cm bottle heights; however different bottle heights will affect the number of bottles stored in the device. For precise temperature control and optimum preservation, the single temperature zone can be set between 5 and 20°C using state-of-the-art electronic controls. Also, this unit’s advanced technology ensures that the maximum temperature within it remains slightly lower than the ambient temperature at its setup location.

The exterior design of this cooler includes a sleek aluminum frame surrounding push-to-open doors paired with soft close Hettich hinges for a unified appearance. For silent operation and wine preservation, this device also houses a smooth running compressor and active ventilation system for even temperature distribution across all shelves. The inside is equipped with three layer insulated glass complete with an UV filter for added aroma protection and white interior lighting that turns on when opened. Lastly, sensor touch controls along with a Led temperature display complete this convenient appliance's many functions.

Display your favorite wines in style with the Caso Winedeluxe 18 Bottle Wine Cooler – designed to keep your collection preserved while enriching your space with top-of-the line elegance.


Single temperature zone can be set to 5 - 20 °C using electronic controls.
Push-to-open door.
Soft-close Hettich hinges.
Sensor touch controls.
White interior lighting can be switched on as required.
Door can be fitted to open to the left or right.